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WELCOME TO ED. 916/917

Use the **DISCUSSION BOARD to reflect on your web work, values and questions, and to give feedback.

This is a distance learning course of subject-specific course work.

You will concentrate your work on a subject specific online course. For this, click on the appropriate subject specific on line course below:

  1. Teaching & Learning Social Studies More Effectively,

  2. Teaching & Learning English More Effectively,

  3. Teaching & Learning Math More Effectively,

  4. Teaching & Learning Sciences More Effectively

  5. Teaching & Learning Health More Effectively

  6. Teaching & Learning Phys. Ed. More Effectively

  7. Teaching & Learning Spanish More Effectively

  8. Creating More Effective Middle Schools

  9. Learning To Teach While Teaching

Try to treat links as "buried-treasure sites" and mine the further links to find the rewards in store for you. Resist impulses to rush through sites unreflectively.