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This is a Project-based workshop when done for graduate credit.

This is a distance learning workshop, concentrating on uses of the Internet for teaching, learning and professional development. It also is intended to give you enough web sites and leads-in to more web sites to be a continuously useful resource for your learning and doing.

Assessment is based on work you produce in series of essays/listings for topic you "connect with," and with an annotated lists of sites supporting your views and reflecting your web work.

For instance, you might write “The site XXXX [] gave me a different perspective on how to help students learn _____. It also cleared up for me something I was confused about, and that is what educators mean by __________.” Certainly you would want to elaborate more.

This work may be emailed to me at, or snail-mailed to me at Chad C. Osborne 923 W. Mission St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101. If you email the work, you may wish to put it in a Zip file, which compresses text and makes it easier to send over the 'Net.

Home Schoolers excel in Test Scores (av. 30 pts. higher) and socialization, too. This is one of the least discussed findings in the current schooling scene. One can imagine future Charter Schools that include both homeschoolers and a portion of the curriculum in which all students are homeschooled. Just what is Homeschooling? Don't assume you know without first giving careful consideration to the text and links at Homeschooling Guide AND HOMESCHOOLING: Back to the Future?

Reprint, highlight, annotate, and comment on points that strike you for the initial

INQUIRY #1 of your Portfolio: Just What IS Homeschooling?

A second key question is:

INQUIRY #2: How Do Homeschooled Students Excel Even in Socialization?

The 16 links and accompanying essay "A Superstition Called Socialization," available at Homeschoolers Excel in Socialization, Too!, give you an open-ended resource to answer this question, with supporting selected reprints of web pages.

INQUIRY #3: What makes Homeschooling work and what features might [Charter] schooling adapt?

By surfing and searching through the following links, seek answers to this question, writing to articulate your answers and vision.

If you wish graduate credit for this workshop, send your Project-Journal to:
Chad C. Osborne
923 West Mission St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

  1. Letting Kids Be
  2. All Means Nothing
  3. The Homeschooling Notebook
  4. Learning To Read by Reading to Learn
  5. Life Is An Education: An In-Depth Look at Homeschooling, Child-Led Learning and Child Development
  6. The Big Picture of Anti-Spanking Laws
  7. Single and Homeschooling -- How single parents can do homeschooling
  8. Home Educator's Family Times
  9. Help for Homeschooling
  10. About.Com Homeschooling Site
  11. A-Z's Homeschooling Web Site
  12. New Homeschooler Information
  13. Mentor Apprentice Exchange
  14. Challenging Assumptions in Education: From Institutionalized Education to a Learning Society
  15. Google Search on Child-Led Learning
  16. The Public School Nightmare: Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought?
  17. Homeschoolers Excel In Socialization, Too!
  18. Smarter Kids.Com Homeschooling Center
  19. Homeschooling Today Online
  20. Home Education Magazine's Homeschooling Information and Resource Pages
  22. Home's Cool Homeschool Community
  23. Home's Cool Homeschool Educational Sites
  24. Homefires~The Journal of Homeschooling
  25. Homefires Favorite Links
  26. John Holt's Homeschooling Bookstore
  27. Homeschooling On A Shoestring
  28. Arizona Homeschooling
  29. Minnesota Homeschooling Information
  30. California Homeschooling
  31. New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition
  32. New Hampshire Homeschooling
  33. Vermont Homeschooling
  34. Massachusetts Home Learning Association
  35. Connecticut Homeschooling
  36. Rhode Island Homeschooling
  37. New York Homeschooling
  38. Maine Department of Education Home Instruction Information
  39. Keystone National Online High School
  40. Homeschooling Resources for Parents and Students
  42. Unschooling
  43. GOOGLE Search On Homeschooling