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Jim Burke, English Teacher extraordinaire, produced the basis for the course-grading rubric, which I then adapted. Several other sites cam from his site, including the article on Exhibitions and several of the study/note-taking pages. His work continues to be an inspiration and rich resource to me and others.

Kathie Nunley's Layered Curriculum gave me the ideas for how to conduct the course.

James Moffett produced the work in Student-Centered Language Arts and Reading, k-13 that educated me in the use of Workshops for Writing, Improvisational Acting, and Small Group Discussion, as well as the concept of One-Sentence Discourse.

Grace H. Pilon's work on the Workshop Way in High School helped me see a wider perspective on this kind of teaching/coaching.

I had two outstanding high school English teachers when I was in 9th and 12 grade, Miss Moore and Mrs. Dawson. Their inspiration blessed me in many ways.

My work in the Master's in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica has awakened me in countless ways that continue to send ripples in my life, like those in a lake. Ron and Mary Hulnick have empowered me and many classmates to clarify our visions and intentions and go for the highest good in personal growth and upliftment.

And last, to all the many teachers I have worked with, to all who have developed web sites and shared their many resources--I thank and honor you all. My students are blessed by these many invisible and sometimes nameless influences in my life and teaching,