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The SPANISH and ESL Curriculum: Language & Culture

  1. TEACHING & LEARNING SPANISH MORE EFFECTIVELY -- My on-line Professional Development course with these and many more sites!
  2. National Foreign Language Learning Standards
  3. Curriculum Frameworks for Foreign Languages (Massachusetts) To view the Curriculum Frameworks online, you must first install the Acrobat Reader plug-in. Click here to download! Or, use your school's copy of the current frameworks to reference the appropriate Learning Standards.
  4. -- Free translation of web sites and text for Spanish, French, and German to English and English to Spanish! AMAZING!! Another Translation site is Systran!
  7. Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections -- A great project resource for all levels
  10. BBC Education - Spanish An amazing series of interactive resources for learning the Spanish Language! Use the "gauge" to find out how much Spanish you know, and then choose the resources you need to learn more!.
  11. The Spanish Tutorial -- A great Spanish learning site! This comprehensive site has over 70 interactive lessons from introductory to advanced Spanish grammar, usage and vocabulary, plus cultural information, travel notes, and idiom help! An absolute must for anyone looking to learn Spanish online!.
  12. Spanish I & II Online -- A series of lessons on Spanish vocabulary, grammar and usage online - including the following topics: Grammar Terms, Spanish Adjectives, Spanish Alphabet, Spanish Cognates, Spanish Numbers, Spanish Prepositions, Spanish Pronunciation, Spanish Questions, Spanish Readings, Spanish Verb Conjugation, Spanish Verb Lists, Spanish Verb Tenses, Spanish Word Lists.
  13. Web Spanish Lessons -- From the site: "Each lesson is loosely organized around a central theme. New words, sample sentences, pronunciation guides, grammar explanations, and self-tests are included in most of the lessons. In addition, each lesson contains audio of that lesson's new words being spoken to help with pronunciation.
  14. Spanish - Cool! -- A great ThinkQuest site! "A multimedia internet course for english-speakers to learn basic spanish, i. e. how to comunicate the basic needs and have an inteligent conversation on a wide varity of subjects.
  15. Dr. Rix Spanish Trix -- A collection of lessons, interactive activities and exercises that explore many facets of the Spanish Language. The site is humorous, entertaining and well-organized!
  16. Learn2 Speak Spanish -- A neat collection of lessons in conversational Spanish, from the great folks at!
  17. Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student Some basic guidance for beginning students.
  18. BHSC Spanish Page -- A series of introductory Spanish lessons, including: First Year Spanish Supplementary Drills with RealAudio, First Year Spanish Supplementary Readings, Spanish Vocabulary List, Spanish Grammar Exercises.
  19. Spanish Made Easy -- From the site: "Do you want to learn Spanish? Its one of the world's fastest growing languages, and is widely spoken throughout many countries - especially in South America. I'll teach you the basics, including common phrases and vocabulary that travelers should learn, and basic use of verbs. Its simple, easy, and free.
  20. Spanish for Beginners -- A series of 12 lessons for learning basic Spanish!

  21. Curriculum Frameworks for Foreign Languages
    -- Communication Strand : Pages 23-36

  22. Learn Spanish -- Check out these great exercises and lessons designed to improve your written and conversational Spanish skills! Over 50 great exercises and resources, ranging from personality adjectives, to Soccer terms, to how to use Spanish characters on word processing software! Spanish Vocabulary Help -- From the site: "The Vocabulary Builder will help you to increase your Spanish Vocabulary." Categories of vocabulary words include Foods, Transportation, Sports, Animals.
  23. Online Spanish/English Dictionaries -- Instant translations to and from Spanish and English!
  24. The Spanish Sign Language Page -- The Spanish Sign Language alphabet!
  25. Spanish Reading Practice -- From the site: "Welcome to the reading practice page! I have provided an English translation after each Spanish sentence. You will probably learn more Spanish, though, by not scrolling down to the translation until you have done your best to translate the Spanish yourself."
  26. Spanish Level Test -- A 90-question test that will help you to evaluate where you stand in terms of your Spanish knowledge!.
  27. Spanish-English Idioms -- A cool resource that helps students understand the meanings of Spanish idioms.
  28. Spanish-English Cognates -- From the site: "Cognates are words that "look alike" or "sound alike" from one language to another. The following endings represent word-groups that are transferrable from English to Spanish (and vice versa), to create words understandable in the other language. Please note that THIS DOES NOT WORK for every single word in each language. There are exceptions to every rule."
  29. Spanish-English False Cognates -- From the site: "Spanish and English have literally thousands of cognates, words that are basically the same in both languages, and which have similar meanings. But combinations such as decepción and "deception" are false cognates - word pairs which look like they might mean the same thing but don't."
  30. Spanish Abbreviations (Abreviaturas) -- A list of common Spanish abbreviations and the terms they represent (en Español).

  31. Curriculum Frameworks for Foreign Languages
    Comparisons Strand: Pages 45-52
    Cultures Strand: Pages 37-44

  32. Spanish Conjugation Trainer -- From the site: "With the Conjugation Trainer you can practice different Spanish verb groups and verb forms." Includes lessons on: Present Tense, Basic Verbs, Present Tense, Irregular Verbs, Preterite, Basic Verbs, Preterite, Irregular Verbs, Imperfect, Basic Verbs, Present Subjunctive, Basic Verbs, Present Subjunctive, Irregular Verbs.
  33. Conjugue -- From the site: "This JAVA applet will display the conjugated forms of Spanish verbs that you type in."
  34. Preterite and Imperfect -- From the site: "The preterite and the imperfect are two aspects or characteristics of the simple past tense in the indicative mood of the Spanish verb system. Since both the preterite and the imperfect refer to a past time, the choice of one over the other is governed by the nature of the remembrance of the action/state/event of the verb." Learn much more about this subject at this site!
  35. Irregular Verbs and Conjugations -- From the site: "The chart below lists all the common irregular verbs in Spanish and most of the uncommon ones. Simply click on the name of the verb to find out either its conjugation or the conjugation of a verb that follows the same pattern."
  36. Spanish Grammar Exercises -- A fabulous collection of online activities to improve your Spanish grammar skills!
  37. Webspañol -- A huge collection of online activities to improve your Spanish grammar and vocabulary skills.
  38. Quia! Spanish Vocabulary Games -- Lots of Java-enabled games to improve your Spanish vocabulary!
  39. Spanish Language Exercises -- From the site: "Welcome to the Spanish Language Exercises web page, hosted by Ursinus College. This site presents a series of language exercises for the purpose of facilitating the learning and teaching of Spanish in the Internet environment."
  40. Spanish Language Flashcards -- From the site: "These exercises provide drills for Spanish to English translation of vocabulary words, drills for verb conjugations, and other grammar drills." Exercises available include: verb conjugations, use of correct tenses, verb-preposition combinations, translation of prepositional phrases.
  41. Spanish Language Drills -- A series of flashcard games to improve your Spanish vocabulary skills!
  42. Spanish-English Translation Quizzes
  43. English-Spanish Translation Quizzes -- 200 quizzes on translating between Spanish and English vocabulary words!
  44. The Cervantes Project Online -- From the site: "Welcome to the Cervantes Project 2001 Home Page, a comprehensive reference and research site dedicated to the study of Cervantes' works and life." The site is also available en Español!
  45. Spanish Literature -- A site dedicated to the interpretation and enjoyment of Spanish Literature. Includes sub-pages in the following categories: Classic Literature, Drama, Poetry, Short Stories, Bibliography, In The News, Links, Updates/Events
  46. Comedia Texts Online -- Online texts from noted Spanish authors, including Belmonte Bermúdez, Calderón de la Barca, Caro de Mallén, Castro y Bellvis, Cervantes Saavedra, González de Bustos, Hurtado de Mendoza, Juana Inés de la Cruz, Mira de Amescua, Moreto, and several others! The entire site es en Español!
  47. Spanish Poetry Online -- Over 1000 poems from dozens of authors! The entire site es en Español!
  48. Golden Age Sonnets -- From the site: "This is an ongoing project … to provide good verse translations of Golden Age Spanish sonnets to English-speaking readers. I hope that it may also serve to provide an online forum for the discussion of these works."
  49. Si', Spain -- From the site: "This interactive service promotes free exchange of information on Spanish current affairs and its historical, linguistic and cultural development."
  50. Encarta - Spanish Language --An encyclopedia entry on the history and development of the Spanish language.
  51. The Cervantes Project Online -- From the site: "Welcome to the Cervantes Project 2001 Home Page, a comprehensive reference and research site dedicated to the study of Cervantes' works and life." The site is also available en Español!


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