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Parents as Partners in Education

This website is dedicated to all the care providers of young children. The links listed in this website are to help parents and teachers to work together for the good of their children. The website begins with links that describe the Head Start program. Then the reader is introduced to parent involvement guides and issues in education. I have also included links that list resources and transitions that can help parents and teachers prepare children for kindergarten.

Ms. Pariseau's Links for parent Involvement

What is Head Start?: Overview of Head Start
The National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education: Mission of NCPIE
Leader's Guide to Parent and Famil Involvement: Table of Contents
Partnerships: Goals of NHSA
Issues in Education: Parent Involvement : Parent Involvement Policy
Idea Box: Early Childhood Education and Acivitiy Resources
Hummingbird Educational Resources: Prek-k resource list
Preschool Teacher: Monthly Curriculum Ideas and Lesson Plans
Transition From Preschool to Kindergarten: List of activities to make kindergarten transition less stressful
Transition Conference: E-mail site for more information

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