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My List of Links for Teachers

SECTION 1 - What the Internet is and how to use it

Terminology: An Easy To Use Dictionary of Computer Terms
Internet - an inside view: What is the Internet?
About the Net, HTML Tools, and Graphics : This site is a guide to a variety of helpful sites to visit.

SECTION 2 - How the Internet can be used in a classroom

Internet Applications in the Classroom: Sites to help integrate technology in schools.
Searching and Integrating the Internet: Some basic helpful information
Community Learning Network: CLN is designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms through over 220 menu pages nad 4,200 annotated links to educational websites.
Ten Best Web Sites for Educational Technology : The sites listed are the "From Now On" editor's top choices for sites which offer reliable information and guidance.
Internet Integration & General Resources for Elementary Educators: General resources

SECTION 3 - How others are successfully using the Internet

CORE and the Internet: Connecting Technology to Curricular Teaching: Lesson plans
Internet Connections: Lesson plans and activities - technology
Searching the Net and Integrating the Internet in your curriculum: Handouts from a staff development workshop
The Bare Bones Guide To HTML: This guide lists html tags which should be useful with most web browsers.
Core Knowledge - Lesson Plans: Lesson plans are available on this site from Preschool to Eighth Grade.

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