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Mr.    Friend's    World:       Comprehensive    Skills    Center    -    United    States    History

Over the next few months you will be exploring America's past beginning around 28,000 B.C.E., and depending on how long you stick around you will hear about events surrounding the World Wars and other conflicts of the 20th Century. While in class you will hear about events of both great and little consequence. You will uncover clues of past events through research and maybe even put a historical person or two on trial. Ladies and gentlemen, when you enter room 212 at 10 New Bond Street, come with an open mind and be prepared to use your brain.

Links to the past

Columbus: One background of the famous explorer
Virtual Jamestown: A look at the earliest documented European colony
American Civil War Homepage: Famous battles of the American Civil War and related information
Timeline of the American Civil War: Timeline of events occuring during the American Civil War
Links to African-American historical information:
Black History Database: Searchable database for information on African-American History
American Presidents and First Ladies:
World War I documents: Archive of World War I documents
World War II documents: Archive of World War II documents
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