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Counseling High School Teens

  1. Teen and Family Counseling Center
  2. Adolescent Counseling Services
  3. Life After High School
  4. At-Risk Teens
  5. Of One Mind -- A Los Angeles Adolescent Help Center
  6. Medication Plus Counseling May Help Teens Kick The Smoking Habit
  7. Counseling High School Students... -- Extremely useful paperbacks
  8. Child Development: High School Children
  9. Character Education
  10. What are the Developmental Tasks Facing Adolescents?
  11. From ZZZZZ's to A's -- Sleep needs of adolescents
  12. A Wake-Up Call to Educators: Be Alert To Sleep Needs and Habits of Teens
  13. The Teen Brain Is A Work In Progress
  14. Go Ask Alice -- "Tell-It-Like-It-Is" information on matters teens care about
  15. Mental Health & Psychology Resources Online
  16. The Medical Basis of Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Problems, and Drug Use On-line book
  17. Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention--Archives
  18. Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention--Programs That Work
  19. Educating for Resiliency
  20. Follow Your True Colors -- Personality Assessment
  21. Internships for High School Students
  22. California CareerZone -- Information on careers, job requirements and outlook, Self-Assessments, Reality Check of independent-living expenses, and a Search Feature that makes it easy to find job data on any career.
  23. My Road -- The College Board's college and career planning Web site
  24. Exploring Majors -- In California colleges


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