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  Teaching and Learning for Diversity

Unit Three: Secondary Links

Course Outline
In what ways might you adapt your teaching/curriculum for the varied intelligences and learning styles of your students?
Learning Styles of Psychological Types
Keirsey Temperament and Character  Web Site
Learning Styles and the 4MAT System
Institute for Learning Style Research
Learning Styles on the Web
How to Learn Anything Fast! Using Personal Learning Styles
Instructional Strategies for Different Learning Styles
Oak Tree Centre
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence in Schools
Emotional Skills on the Internet
Hay Group: Emotional Intelligence Services
Responsive Classroom
Howard Gardner: Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Awakening Genius in the Classroom
Becoming a Multiple Intelligences School
Karen Rheault's Multiple Intelligence Homepage
Metacognition and Self Talk
Differentiated Instruction
Multiple Intelligences: Theory and Practice in the K-12 Classroom
Project SUMIT (Schools Using Multiple Intelligence Theory) - A Harvard study that interviewed schools using MI theory.
Special Education and the Real Meaning of LD - LD = Learning Differently; how multiple intelligences applies.
Thomas Armstrong's Homepage - Visit this page for articles, descriptions of workshops, books, videos and other information about Multiple Intelligences.
Multiple Intelligences Resources
Cracking Open the IQ Box - Humor and the Multiple Intelligences.
How Do We Learn - Learning theory with a large section on MI.
Multiplying Intelligences in the Classroom - Bruce Campbell
Research Results of a Multiple Intelligences Classroom - Bruce Campbell
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