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  Teaching and Learning for Diversity

Unit Two: Primary Links

Course Outline
In what ways might you adapt your teaching/curriculum for English language learners in your classes?
Authentic Assessment
English Language learners in Mainstream Classrooms - Sheltered Instruction: A major concept for working with English Language Learners and communicating with their parents. Use this with the next site that will allow any teacher or learner to get an instant Spanish translation of any text, up to four pages at a time, or web site. Texts, or portions of texts, can be scanned and translated, tests, etc. - Free translation of web sites and text for Spanish, French, and German to English, and English to Spanish.
Learning Strategies - An important part of effective biliteracy and sheltered instruction strategies.
Cooperative and Collaborative Learning - Effective with all subjects and levels. Team leaning is a particularly strong supporting strategy in working with English language learners.
I Teach/I Learn
Jim Cummins' Web Dealing with Second Language Learning and Literacy Development
An Outline of Calla: Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach
A Road Map for Effective Biliteracy Instruction
Reading Matters! - Literacy for All
Mora's Modules - On-line course modules for teaching cross-language literacy.
Facilitating Reflection - Excellent starting point for "duversity" techniques in democratizing instruction and "learning to read the world"
Parent and Community Involvement
Paso Partners: Integrating Math, Science and Language
Authentic Assessment
Literacy Assessment Instruments for Diverse Learners
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