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This site affords the elementary general music teacher with an abundant, useful collection of music sites. From professional development to lesson plans, from advocacy to seasonal programming, the variety of sites will bring you to places on the web too numerous to count. I have focused on several places that offer specific lesson plans and interactive games for your students to try. These are not just places you will visit. The information you find here will translate directly into your everyday teaching.

The following sites will bring a new dimension to your classroom. They are particularly suited for expanding your song repertoire, for teaching through musical bulletin boards and for musical games. In planning your musical units for each month of the year, visit these sites first!

Music Sites You Will Use

K-12 Resources for Music Educators: this site has a whole list of related sites for Classroom Music Teachers
Music Education Online: Aids music educators in connecting with many music education resources and contains an interactive bulletin board
The Music Games Page: A great site for adding games to your teaching: games you create for the classroom, and interactive games you can share with your students
Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom: Creative and fun ideas to teach and inspire your students from innovative bulletin board ideas.
Music Education Resource Link (MERL): Not only resources, but resources based on the nine content standards of the National Standards for Arts Education. Documents advocating the importance of arts education are also available.
Fun Music Ideas: Site where music teachers can bring ideas and lesson plans. Subject search feature is very useful.
Mr. Note's Gameland: Great interactive games for upper primary students, including a quiz page, musical puzzles,and a selection of other games.
Music Education Launch Site: Four categories are included to begin your study: game activities, music lessons, music educator resources and a music education web publisher.
Learning Musical Elements through Listening--resources for guided listening: A site under construction, but well-outlined to afford the music teacher lesson plans geared to grade level, musical elemnts, composers and specific genres.
Music Teachers Resource Site: Super resource for world music, including text, translation, music notation. Also, great index of rounds.