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  1. National Foreign Language Learning Standards
  2. Curriculum Frameworks for Foreign Languages (Massachusetts) To view the Curriculum Frameworks online, you must first install the Acrobat Reader plug-in. Click here to download!
    Or, use your school's copy of the current frameworks to reference the appropriate
  3. French Language & Culture
  4. Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections -- A great project resource for all levels
  5. Babelfish - translates words, phrases, and entire Web sites to or from English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian
  6. Basic French Online From the site: "The following French course is intended to allow you to understand written French (newspapers, articles, magazines, signs on the road during your next trip in France, etc.) and to write a letter to a French friend or correspondent." Lessons include: Pronunciation Guidelines (improved version with sounds), Articles and Genders, Pronouns and Verbs, Adjectives and Plurals, Sentences Structure [including exercises], The Family, Where do you come from?, Comparing, Time, Additional Vocabulary, French Expressions and Idioms.
  7. UTexas-Austin French Resources -- From the site: "This page contains links to various on-line resources available for students of First Year French at UT Austin, including RealAudio recordings of En Direct, the alphabet, cardinal numbers, and the names of francophone countries. Also included are homework exercises, an ftp archive, web links for French, and various learning resources related to grammar and vocabulary. From the site: "HELIO Education is proud to release The French Tutorial. This step by step course will help you in understanding the French language and the famous French way of life. And the best of all... IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  8. Bitesize French -- From BBC Education, a series of "Bitesize" exercises in French Grammar, Verbs, Reading, Speaking & Writing.
  9. French Assistant -- A 9-part introduction to French! Learn 2 Get By In French -- From the fabulous, a six-lesson guide to basic, functional, conversational French!
  10. French Courses Online -- Four courses in French Language study from the University of Calgary. These are the actual on-line courses taken by UC students (except for the in-class exams)!
  11. WSU French 306 -- The Online companion to French 306 at WSU, this site includes several grammar guides and other helpful resources for intermediate to advanced French Language students.
  12. Guide to Intermediate French -- An excellent resource for advanced French students includes lessons, exercises, quizzes and readings on grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, and several other topics!
  13. French Language Proficiency Test -- A comprehensive examination that tests your command of French!
  14. Weekly French Language Articles -- A great series of articles from on several topics of interest on the French Language topics include Grammar, Pronouns, Reviews of Internet Resources, General Articles, and Verbs.
  15. French for Beginners -- A comprehensive series of lessons and activities for French Language "beginners"! From
  16. Reading Comprehension and Grammar 1
    Reading Comprehension and Grammar 2
    -- Several "courses" designed to improve your reading comprehension and grammar skills. The site is entirely in French, and is recommended for intermediate to advanced French students.
  17. French Grammar Help On-Line -- From the site: "French Grammar Help Online is organized in an index of subjects To find help in a particular area, find it in the index and click on the most pertinent link." Lessons and help topics include gender, articles, pronouns, verbs, and human body vocabulary.
  18. Tex's French Grammar -- From the University of Texas, a comprehensive guide to French Grammar! This site is very well organized and easy to navigate!
  19. Grammaire -- A full text of a French grammar guide entirely in French.
  20. Grammaire en Ligne -- For intermediate French students, nine grammar lessons arranged in handy table format!
  21. French Grammar and Vocabulary -- Lessons in grammar and vocabulary (particularly verbs), and links to other resources on basic French Language study.
  22. French Grammar - Prepositions -- From the site: "Prepositions are words which link two related parts of a sentence. There are many French prepositions and it is important to recognize and know when and when not to use them."
  23. French Grammar - Gender -- A handy table for determining the proper assignment of gender.
  24. Conjugator -- Choose a French Verb, and this applet will conjugate it!
  25. French/English Dictionary -- Translates between English and French.
  26. Beginners' "Say it in French" Game -- A fun way to learn introductory French! You have six hours to complete a mission and all the clues are in French! The game asks for your name and email address ask a teacher before supplying any personal information!
  27. French Online Grammar QuizzesA series of quizzes that mirror lessons from nine chapters of a basic French Language text.
  28. Table of French Exercises -- A massive collection of Java-enabled exercises in French grammar!
  29. French-English Translation Quizzes
  30. English-French Translation Quizzes -- 200 quizzes on translating between French and English vocabulary words!
  31. Basic French Phrase Exercises -- Some introductory activities to start learning basic French vocabulary and sentence structure.
  32. French 232 Exercises -- Dozens of activities for intermediate French self-study!
  33. French Quizzes -- Dozens of interactive quizzes from!
  34. French Texts Online I
    French Texts Online II -- From the University of Virginia, several full texts of French literary works
  35. Labyrinth - French Texts -- Links to several online French literary works.
  36. Athena French Literature -- Dozens of French literary texts online!
  37. ARTFL French Literature -- American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language
  38. French Culture -- A series of links to French cultural resources on the Web.
  39. Tours of Paris -- A series of "Virtual Tours" of Paris, France!
  40. Encarta - French Language -- Encarta - Norman-French Language -- Encyclopedia entry on the "French dialect that developed in Normandy (Normandie) after Viking (or Norse) invaders settled the region around 911, and the literature written in it."
  41. Encarta - Occitan Language -- Encyclopedia entry on this "Romance language spoken in the southern third of France, used by about one-fourth of the French population."
  42. Old French Page -- From the site: "This page is designed to provide you with information about the Old French language and its literature. The "Old French" era covers the period from the year 842 (date of the "Serments de Strasbourg", the earliest known document written in the emerging vernacular) until about the year 1400.
  43. Civilisation Francaise -- This site reviews several aspects of French culture. There are dozens of interactive activities on Religion, History, Recreation, Arts, and several other topics! The entire site is in French, so make sure you have a basic understanding of French before visiting!
  44. Napoleon Museum -- A series of online art exhibits about Napoleon Bonaparte.
  45. French Quiz -- A ten-question online quiz about French arts, culture, architecture and history.
  46. French Dialects in France -- From, a series of links to information on the many dialects spoken in France!
  47. Learning from Francophone TV & Radio -- Links to nearly 100 French Language media outlets! From the site: "The purpose of this site is to make available in one place for learners of French, the principal interactive audio and video sites for francophone television and radio stations a learning resource center for listening and viewing comprehension."
  48. Francophone Newspapers -- Links to dozens of French-language news sources.
  49. Teaching SPANISH: Language and Culture -- Numerous sites for teachers and learners of Spanish and ESL


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