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Cool On-Line Science and Math Activities for Middle School Students

As a sixth grade science and math teacher, I am always looking for educational, interesting, fun and appropriate ways for my students to use the internet in the classroom. Assembled here is a collection of internet sites that are related to science and/or to math. (Is there anything in the world that ISN'T somehow related to science or to math??) They cover a range of topics and interests. These links can be used individually, matched to a curriculum unit the students are studying, or can be an open-ended learning center from which students can select their favorite topic to investigate. Students can work individually or in small groups, and journaled responses can be used to indicate what site was visited, what topic was explored, what was learned, and what new questions were generated from the online experience. Have fun, and please share any comments, suggestions, or other cool sites you have found that should be added here. Thanks, and ENJOY.

What Do You Want To Do Today?

I Want to Go On A Field Trip.
Access to web pages from real places around the world. Just pick a destination and off you go.
I Want to Read A Magazine.
Links to homepages of science and math magazines for middle school students. Put your feet up on the virtual footstool, and enjoy.
I Want to Read the Newspaper.
Access to Local Newspapers from around the country, beginning with close ones such as Boston, Worcester, and Hartford, plus more.
I Want to Visit a Real Person.
Links to interesting and informative sites with historical and/or biographical information about real people important to math or science in today's world. Who would you like to meet?
I Want to Do An Activity, Game, or Craft.
Links to sites with fun and educational activities to do at home or in the classroom. Have Fun.
I Want to Find Out About Creepy, Crawly Critters, and More.
Access to information about creatures (great and small) in the animal kindom.

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