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Peg's Complementary Health Picks

WELCOME to a taste of the amazing field of complementary medicine! Today there are more choices to embrace rather than limiting ourselves to traditional Western (allopathic) medicine and re-discovering the wisdom of centuries old health traditions. So, please explore and allow yourself to open your mind to the ever growing options for improved health.

DISCLAIMER This information has been gathered to help you start your journey. It is only a very small start with the hopes of sparking your curiosity to explore further. It is not intended to replace any current medical treatment and any ideas should be discussed with you health care provider.

Places to Start

Holistic Healing WWW Browse
Extensive listing of modalities, organizations, practitioners and educational options to help you get started. This site is not comprehensive and omits some interesting concepts.
The James Roy Holliday III - Guide to Acupressure
Basic explanation of acupressure with guide for its use.
Aura Cacia
Site which provides access to information on aromatherapy
Ayurveda - A Brief Introduction and Guide
Provides good, easy to read explanation of the foundations of Ayurveda.
Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals
A comprehensive listing of gemstones and crystals and the therapeutic properties. Includes care of & purchasing gemstones among other things.
Guided Imagery for Group
Provides some basic ideas to be built upon for leading guided imagery sessions.
Magnetic Field Therapy
A nice overview of what magentic fields are about, how they are used in diagnostic studies and how they can assist in improving different health ailments.
Polarity Therapy - Energy Medicine for the 21st Century
A good summary of general aspects of energy fields and explanation of polarity therapy.