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General Overview

Have you ever been in a school where fourth graders debate and perform? . . .

Where fifth graders telecommunicate?. . .

Or where sixth graders publish their own writing, while seventh and eighth graders produce a television program informing their fellow students about the school and the world?

It happens at the Vienna Communications Charter School, where an innovative communications curriculum allows students entry to the world of the 21st century. While giving students a solid foundation in basic academic skills, Vienna Communications Charter School’s communications theme also provides the following media literacy strands:

  • Computer Technology
  • Public Speaking
  • Dramatics
  • Publishing
  • Media Production
Students study all the typical subjects for grades 4-8, but as they move through the grades, they focus on communicating what they know and what they have learned. Using writing, speaking, and media skills, students will develop their ability to communicate through both time-honored and technology-based methods.

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