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"Communicate with the Future"

The mission of Vienna Communications Charter School is to provide students with a positive and challenging learning environment, which empowers them to become responsible and productive citizens of the world.

To achieve this mission, the Vienna Communications Charter School community will:

1. Educate students to become proficient in the basic curriculum areas that will be interwoven into all means of communication. The studentsí self-esteem will be enhanced as they become responsible contributors to their own learning.

2. Support the staff as a team of educators and nurturers. As models of life-long learning, the staff will continue to expand their knowledge base, exploring innovative and effective practices.

3. Provide a sense of family, both inside and outside of the school walls. Families and community members will participate in all aspects of school life in order to reinforce the learning process and to create a caring community of learners.

4. Respect diversity among its members. The Vienna School will be responsive to and actively involved in promoting equity for all.

5. Foster resiliency through a program that reflects our belief in the ability of each child to succeed.

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