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The Community Exciting community partnerships link Vienna’s communications theme to the world outside the school. Community involvement enhances the Vienna experience in many ways.

1. Public speaking includes a debating component that taps the experience of lawyers and others in the legal profession.

2. 6th grade publishers are matched with the area printers, graphics designers, literary and journalistic organizations to enhance the publication strand.

3. Dramatics include pantomime and acting a role or skit, music and more. Community theater groups share their experience to enrich our students’ productions.

4. Our students will benefit from an affiliation with a local television station. Vienna’s television studio comes alive with the students taping various projects.

5. In media literacy, students throughout the grades develop the ability to read and write skillfully in a range of message forms: radio, print, television, and advertising. Working with a media expert, Vienna students learn to critically view all forms of media and make their messages using a range of technologies.

6. The school encourages parent involvement in all strands. Parental support of students, programs, and teachers is essential to our program quality.

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