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The leadership team consists of:

  • The principal

  • Two teachers from each grade

  • A student leadership team from the 8th grade.

    Together the team will work to keep the mission and vision statements positive, managing school change and improvement. Small schools make it possible for students to share power in controlling their school and providing a better education. That is why eighth-grade students are directly involved with the leadership team. This allows the students to become spokesperson for the entire student body.

    Leadership goals

    School leaders encourage and support the development of a collaborative school culture with clear educational missions and process, structures and resources that allow educational change to flourish.

    School leaders shape the school culture through their actions, words, and deeds.

    School leaders are team orientated, they facilitate the development and work of teams that lead school improvement initiatives

    School leaders use resources and expertise of the parents, business, social services, and the community agencies that will help foster the academic, emotional, and social well being of students.

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