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Teaching your students about the native Alaskan experience will be fun and fascinating. There are over ten different kinds of Native Alaskan peoples. These links will help you get started. Though different from most Americans culturally, the Native Alaskans are just as much a part of the American panorama. You will also find links to schools near Native Alaskan villages.

Joe's Native Alaskan Links

Eskimo Culture: Not all Native Alaskans are Eskimos, but this is a good introduction.
Nunamit Stories: Tales from the Arctic
Alaska Native Knowledge Network: Discover Native Alaskan Diversity-Great Links
Monuments in Cedar: A Guide to Building Your Own Totem Pole
"Window in the Sky": Native Alaskan Environmentalism
Alaska Native Cultural Resources: Get On-Line with the Aleuts
Ulguniq: Visit a Native Alaskan Village
Athabascan, Ingalik, and Ahtna Indians: E-Mail Native Alaska