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The study of Judaica is a universal experience. The ancient Judaic tradition is the foundation for modern-day Judaism, Christainity and Islam. Jewish culture has absorbed the various world experiences of the diverse countries where Jews have lived. Judaism has also left it's imprint on non-Jewish culture as well. The incredible story of the Jews will enhance the student's appreciation of a people who have produced a wealth of notable American personalities, such as Isaac Stern, Irving Berlin, Mel Brooks, Abbie Hoffman, Abraham Maslow, Louis Brandies, Yehudi Menuhin, Bette Midler, Leonard Bernstien, Kirk Douglas, Bob Dylan and many, many more.Yet, all the various contributions of the Jewish people, amazingly underscores the fact that they comprise less than two percent of the Unied States population. Have fun searching these links. Lech Hiem.

Joe's Jewish Links

What Do Jews Believe?: A Good Place to Start
Jewish Wisdom: Exploring the Torah and the Talmud
from "The Museum of Jewish History": A Useful Time-Line of American-Jewish History
Judaism: An Interfaith Voice for Peace and Justice
History of Judaism: Go here for a detailed history of world Judaica.
Jewish Movies: More Multi-Media Multicultural Resources
Sephardic Links: Students who speak or are studying Spanish might enjoy the world of Spanish and African Jewry.
Mexican Jews: Shalom Amigo
Blacks and Jews: A Film for Better Understanding
Jews and Palestianians: A Sign of Conciliation: Jews and Arabs Working for Peace
Hope, Despair and Memory: The Words of Elie Wiesel
Yitzhak Rabin: A Song of Peace
Ari Goldwag's Web Area: Jewish Music at Your Fingertips
Ask a Rabbi: You and your students can E-mail a rabbi with any Judaica questions you might have.