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Teaching Multiculturalism

Here are some useful links to help you in teaching multiculturalism and diversity. More links will be available later. Go ahead and make the world a better place.

Joe's Multicultural Teaching Links

Dr.King's "I Have a Dream" Speech: A Good Foundation and Inspiration
Teaching Tolerance: Tolerance From a Jewish Point of View
An Approach to Teaching Religious Tolerance: A Lesson Plan
Have Minorities Gained Acceptance?: Another Lesson Plan
Measure Your Implicit Attitudes: The Results May Surprise You
The Making of a Skinhead: What Causes a Man to Hate?
Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi: Let There Be Peace On Earth
The Venn View of Diversity: Understanding Differences Through Similarities
Getting Around Blood is Blood: Two Versions of American Identity
Diversity in Schools: Will Help to Answer Specific Questions
Religious Diversity: Information on Every Religion Under the Sun
Initial Thoughts on Multicultural Education: A Very Comprehensive Discussion
Making Every Body Count: Includes Autobiographical Journals
Up With People: Building Understanding and Cooperation
The New Racism: A Radically Different Point of View