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La    educacion

Okay. I admit it. This web page is an assignment for a college class--in case you couldn't tell! But seriously, I enjoyed this assignment a lot and I think that my page is pretty darn cool. My name is Karrie and I am a Spanish major at Worcester State College. That's in Massachusetts. I hope that this page is at least somewhat interesting to you. Not many people like to learn another language but most of the links for languages are interesting and have fun games too! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at --- Enjoy!

Dr. Osborne's Links

Student Performance Today: A site that makes one think about educational reform and question what the schools are doing for our students.
The State of the States: What have our school systems done for us? Many statistics--C heck out the attached site for THE NATIONAL REPORT CARD.
Teaching Effectiveness Program: A list of sites that list questions related to their various topics. Questions are answered and gives helpful information. Extremely helpful for a first year teacher.
Cooperative/Collaborative Learning: A small site that is dedicated to students interacting with each other in classrooms. This site will help to make student/student relations a key aspect of their room.
Teaching Strategies: A short, informative web site. I'll bet that if you're a teacher, you've used these techinques before.
Developing Creative/Critical Habits of Mind: A long list of links that teachers can use to help their students develop habits that will help them in their schooling.
Filling the Tool Box: Strategies to help students in the classroom.
Filling the Tool Box- Part Two: Foregin Language help along with other curriculums.
Multiple Intelligence: A place to explore what multiple intelligence actually is! Take a peek!
"Multiple Intelligence Theory": Definitions , implications for teachers and students, benefits, and characteristics of each multiple intelligence. Also includes curriculum references to multiple intelligences.
Know Thyself Interactive : Take a quick quiz to see what intelligences you have! A lot of fun.
Tips for Creating a Peaceful Classroom: Short list of tips for any classroom.
How to Intervene in a Fight: What do you do when you see a fight? Look here.
Peer Mediation in Two Schools: All about peer mediation and how it can work in any school.
Using Violent and Nonviolent Methods to Solve Problems: Actvities and strategies to use in different grade levels and subject areas.
Female Fighting and the "Male Dance": Girls fight nasty-there's no doubt about that!!!
Violence Free Classrooms Information: Questions for thought: Good site! How can we prevent what has happened recently with all of the school shootings and death???
Substance Abuse Resource Guide: Vilence: Discussion of alcohol, drugs, and other types of substance abuse. Different sites that you can go to!
Drug Education Council: List of links to guide you to information on drug education.

Mo' Links for Tu

Ask ERIC Lesson Plans: Fun and useful lesson plans! Only seven lessons but each one contains one fun element. For all age groups in school.
You too can learn Spanish!: A self-designed page. Very small with only four lessons. Not of much use, but it is interesting to see someone's else work.
KWL: Discussion of an instructional technique known as K-W-L. Provides you with a blank worksheet also.
Spanish Teacher Web Sites: Sites from teachers all over the world complete with lesson ideas and links.

My Snazzy List of Language Links

CNN in Spanish: This web site is CNN in Spanish, which is kept updated every day. This site might be useful for bringing up controversial topics and finding information. For advanced students.
Spanish II Class: A web site from a Spanish II class, which includes a lesson plan outline, along with other links to other sites and a small display of spanish slang words.
Semblanzas del Siglo XX: A site of 20th century artists which includes different time periods/styles. Not fancy but might be useful in some situations.
Gopher directory: An extremely plain alphabetical listing of lyrics to different Spanish songs.
Things Latino at EgO: Page that includes sites on education, customs, art, history, religion, and other countries.
FL Teach: Resource by college professors that includes many helpful tools such as a dictionary.
WebMuseum Paris: WOW! A great resource on international artists. Great place to research a project! LOOK AT THIS!
Collections of WWW FL Resources: A wealth of information. General foreign language resources, Chinese, French, Spanish, and other language sites. Collection of international tongue twisters!
Languages and Literature, Spanish: Great for advanced level Spanish students. Links pertaining to different countries, not only Spain.
Spanish Page from Madras High School: One of the best! High school student's projects, maps, whole links dedicated to just one Spanish speaking country, and a wealth of information.
LTC Spanish Links: A great site, especially for teaching advanced students about art, culture, and geography. Worth your time and effort.
Spanish Links: The FL Teach Web Sites on the side of the site work and have information about teaching middle and high school.
1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters: Tongue twisters in many different languages-not just the basics.
SEASON'S GREETINGS: A complete Christmas page with activities- other holidays included. Great for high school classes with some background/schooling in French. French.
FL Resources- Illinois State University: Mini language lessons on different topics including art, food, holidays, museums, history, and literature. Great for middle/high school teachers.
C.B. Putnam's French Page: Resources for French Language study with teaching activities. French.
Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources: A bit lengthy at times, but lots of lesson plans and activities. One site has over 900 links to Canada in French. French and Spanish.
General: Scroll down to different language resources! Well worth visiting to get ideas and information.