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An integrated preschool setting is one in which children with disabilities are integrated or included in a classroom with typically developing children. The children with disabilities participate in all of the activities within the class and modifications are made as needed. By having the children with disabilities participate in this type of program they are provided with same age role models of appropriate behavior. This atmosphere also helps the typical developing children to be more accepting of people with disabilities.

I designed this page to help educators and parents find information about integrated preschools, the laws governing special needs, and information about specific disabilities.

Helpful Links for Preschool Inclusion and Special Education

Inclusion in the Preschool Setting
Gives a detailed description of how inclusion works in a preschool setting.
Technology Supports Inclusion in Preschool
Gives descriptions of how different types of technology can support inclusion in a preschool setting.
Internet Resources for Special Children
Gives detailed descriptions of specific disabilities. This is an excellent link for parents. Includes support sites for parents of children with disabilities.
Offices of Special Education
Provides links to sources on education and disability law.
Ten Policy Issues Influencing Preschool Inclusion
Summarizes policy issues which may facilitate or impede the inclusive education of preschool children with disabilities.
Inclusive Education Web Site
Answers some of the most frequently asked questions about inclusion.
The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals.
Special Education Inclusion
Provides a definition of inclusion, it also summarizes IDEA and specific court cases.

This page created by Stephanie King

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