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Welcome to Mr. Crosbie's WILD & CRAZY HORSE WEB PAGE

Thanks for stopping by my Web site. Please enjoy the links below. The goal of this site is to have you enjoy reading and writing a little more. If you're looking for improved spelling, word games, punctuation games, grammar usage, interesting reading assignments, hundreds of writing assignments, from poems to short stories, mad libs to scrabble; this is the place to spend some time. If you are one of my students from Knox Trail J.H.S. Spencer, MA, you may find some of your assignments posted here. If you are not one of my students please feel free to jump in and peruse the stuff. Hopefully this will be an ever evolving website. As years go by, you may see your kids' work appear on the pages that follow yours. Thanks for stopping by. Keep on Reading...

This page has been visited by highly intelligent beings from the planet Earth in search of mass quantities of Knowledge times since August 1,1998.

Harry Chapin 1942-1981 " Oh if a man tried to take his time on earth and prove before he died what one man's life could be worth I wonder what would happen to this world."

CRAZY List of Links

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