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Useful   Sites   for   Educators

After much "browsing" of the web, I have come up with a list of sites for a typical fifth grade classroom. I hope that you find all of these sites useful.

Michelle's Worthwhile Links

A Little Comic Relief
Remember that teachers need to maintain a sense of humor!!
Helping Your Students With Homework
18 tips to help you help your students with homework. This comprehensive list makes homework more meaningful and easier to manage for students and teachers.
Mystery Pen Pal
This creative writing activity gives students a chance to write to students in other parts of the country. It provides a great opportunity to work on writing skills as well as geography.
Poetry Pals
Students will create poetry which will be published on a webpage. They will also read and respond to poetry written by students all over the world.
AskERIC lesson plans
A gateway to lesson plans in all subject areas.
Virtual Polyhedra
Students will have a virtual reality presentation of geometry and polygons. A great introduction and a way to get kids excited about geometry.
Flashcards for Kids
A real working flash card application on the net.
What doesn't this site offer? You'll find lesson plans, management suggestions, book reviews, etc.
K.L. Carver School Book Reviews
Students use this site to read and submit book reviews.
ZOOM Science Instructions
Hands on science lessons
Partnerships Advancing the Learning of Mathematics and Science
Discovery Channel Online
This site provides information on a variety of animals.
Houghton Mifflin's Education Place
A useful site for curriculum ideas, parent tips, homework help, etc.

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