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  1. Recent research shows students learning (scoring on measures) 20% higher on average when taking a course by distance learning than when taking the same course in a classroom.

  2. The any time, any place feature of on-line courses means you adapt course time to your schedule and learning preferences (frequency of breaks, music, food, etc.)

  3. People doing on-line courses end up paying closer attention.

  4. Shy students benefit from discussion board interaction contrasted to the pressures and limited “air time” of the classroom.

  5. Course resources continue to be available on-line, long after the course is over.

  6. Voices of many authors and viewpoints are given, choices of many web links are offered. These voices and choices make learning more “mind-compatible.”

  7. The classroom structure and teachers create bottlenecks in the interaction of learners with ideas and information. Classroom teachers limit voice and choice to a degree that most schooling is mind-numbing. On-line learning is far more mind-friendly.

  8. You get to experience an innovative style of learning that may well be part of the educational mix for all learners in the future.

  9. You get to match the work you do closer to the job you perform or will perform.

  10. Past students have viewed the advantages as far greater than the disadvantage of missing the give-and-take of class discussion.

  11. Students having difficulty with self-discipline (procrastination) who wish they were “made to” come to a computer room to work on-line get to confront what it is in themselves that makes them so outer-oriented in personal will.