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Project Based Learning

  1. Project-Based Learning: a Primer -- When students are challenged to get to work solving real-life problems, the whole world becomes a classroom. Here we offer a guide for getting started.
  2. What is Project-Based Learning (PBL)?
  3. Getting A Grip On Project-Based Learning: Theory, Cases and Recommendations
  4. Project-Based Learning
  5. Project Learning
  6. PBL Research Summary: Studies Validate Project-Based Learning -- A growing body of academic research supports the use of project-based learning in schools as a way to engage students, cut absenteeism, boost cooperative learning skills, and improve test scores.
  7. PBL Checklists -- Checklists to support Project Based Learning and evaluation
  8. Criteria for Authentic Project-Based Learning
  9. Overview: Project Based Learning
  10. Project Based Learning Handbook
  11. Defining Standards-Focused PBL
  12. Coverage Versus "Uncoverage"
  13. 5 Classroom Projects -- These extended projects provide you with a framework for engaging in your own project-based experience
  14. Project Based Learning
  15. Suggested Readings and Links Around PBL
  16. Designing Developing a PBL Unit
  17. Our Model & Work With PBL -- Includes Sample Problems
  18. Project Based Learning with Multi Media
  19. Project, Problem, and Inquiry-based Learning
  20. Project Examples
  21. PBL Readings and Resources
  22. Design Features for Project-Based Learning
  23. Project Sites
  24. Projects: Road Ahead (Project-Based Learning)
  25. Assessing Through Senior Exhibitions and Projects
  26. Thirteen Ed Online -- Many Science Projects
  27. Project-Based Science
  28. Mathematics & Science Projects
  29. Math Projects
  30. Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects
  31. Social Studies Projects
  32. Teacher Research: Social Studies Projects
  33. ESL : Student Projects
  34. English Projects
  35. Projects in English
  36. Gifted in the Regular Classroom? -- You Need Project Based Learning
  37. Starting at the End | Project-based Learning
  38. Problem-Based Learning
  39. Inquiry-Based Learning


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