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But    what    Can    I    Do    With    A    History    Major?

You can do almost anything you want with a major in history. The skills necessary for the study of history are highly practical and prized by graduate schools, professionals, and employers. History allows you to embrace knowledge, skills, and understanding essential for the pursuit of wisdom and virtue. But it is also very practical, they prepare you for citizenship and career. The skills encouraged in history build one's ability to articulate significant questions, find and evaluate evidence, weigh alternative methods and interpretation, appreciate complexity and ambiguity, draw sound conclusions, and articulate substantive arguments with clarity and precision. These are all skills that are in high demand in a wide variety of professions. Hopefully by reading some of these sites on history, you will grow an interest, and if you already have a liking to history, please enjoy these sites.

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My Snazzy List of Links

History Net: A mixture of history all on one site
History on the Web: A combination of historical events
History Buff: Be a smarty pants in history
History: Facing history in different aspects
World War I: historical aspects of the war
World War II: historical aspect of WWII
Archives: An index of history
The Wizard of Oz....borne: Prof. Osborne of WSC has put together a site for all those teaching high school and sites to prepare yourself to be an "effective" teacher

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