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Touching the Life of a Child

This page will allow today's Early Childhood Educator to keep up to date with today's interactive web sites and exciting lessons that are available. This page contains lessons for grades N-3 in a variety of content areas.

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The Exciting List of Worth While Early Childhood Sites

Welcome to Whale Net:
Whales: A Thematic Unit:
Whales on the Net:

Whale Club:
Whale Links:
BC Adopt a Whale:
Teacher Whale Information:
Learning with Dr. Seuss:
Surf the Net with Whales:
Kid's Club Kid Facts about Whales:
Ask Jake About Whales:
Dinosaurs in Hawaii:
All About Dinosaurs:

Dinosaur Illustrations:
Dinosaur Teacher Materials:
Ask an Expert Dino Dig:
Dinosaur Links:
Day & Night:
Earth Day:
Current Issues
Class Time Capsule:
Spider Home Page:
Very Hungry Caterpillar Lesson Plan:
Very Hungry Kindergartener Activity:
Fantastic Science with the Magic School Bus:
Spiders, Spiders Everywhere!!:
3rd Grade Spider Theme:
Make Your Own Spider Web:
Myths, Stories, Poems, Songs & Art on Spiders:
Grades 2 & 3 Learn About Endangered Species:
Learning with School House Rock:
Wonderful World of Worms:
Teacher Best Resource:
Plant Tricks for the Classroom:
Learning about Seeds:
The Cycle of a Seed:
Exemplary Science Literature for K-3:

The Wonders of Weather:
Checking and Learning about the Wind Direction:
Measure the Rain Fall:
Observing the Wind:
Track the Local Weather:
Children's Storybooks:
Jan Brett's Homepage for Teachers and Students:
Chris Van Allsburg's Homepage:
Eric Carle's Homepage:
World Village Kidz:
Literacy Site for Kids:
Arthur Online:
Judy Blume Online:
Interactive Stories Online:
Reading Rainbow:
International Kids' Space:

Crayola Arts Education:
Social Studies for Grade 1:
The History Channel Online:
Gus Town Educational Site:
Fun School N-2 Activities:
Multicultural Activities:
Current Issues for Children:

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