ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS to which there are no single right answers. Further, the nature of Internet Web links results in individual lines of investigation and choices. This is meant to be adult, transformative learning--with an autonomous, intrinsic center of focus.

  • Frequently Asked Questions gives you information about re-certification requirements, the course instructor/designer, and about course expectations.

  • A brief rationale for the format of these courses is asserted in Why On-Line? Why Distance Learning?

  • Teachers are encouraged to do work in ALLIED as well as major teaching areas. Thus English and Social Studies, Math and Science teachers might take courses online in each others specialties. A lesson from the Coalition of Essential Schools is that we can substantially reduce teacher:student ratio when teachers teach more than one subject, and have the same students in different classes. The incidence of violence is reduced, a more caring climate is engendered, and students are better known and understood by teachers when the teacher works with 50-70 students, compared to present practices.

  • The Teacher Development Network Mission and Vision Statement gives an overall sense of the intention of these courses.

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