QUESTING the WEB: Web Quests as Essential Questions

A web quest is an inquiry based activity that is usually completed by a group or class. Each individual has a role that is assigned to them, as they explore dimensions of an Essential Question or problem, through as many quality web sites as they can find.

A good place to begin is Why Web Quests, which puts the Web Quest group inquiry strategy into a context of understanding some advantages and misconceptions about the Web.

Another good context-setting page on Web Quests is Student WebQuest.

Other highly useful sites, containing numerous examples:

  1. Especially check out *1*Think Quest projects for your subject area!
  2. How To Create Web Pages -- Do a web quest as a series of linked web pages. Or
  3. Use TEACHER WEB to construct a Web Quest!
  4. Best Web Quests.Com -- All subjects and levels
  5. WebQuest Training Materials -- Outstanding collection of articles and exemplary Web Quests to get started or kick your Quests up a notch
  6. WebQuest Resources
  7. ThinkQuest -- ThinkQuest and ThinkQuest Jr. are nationwide student team competitions to produce creative, web-based curriculum units, based on essential questions.
  8. Web Quests -- Shows a good range of topics of classroom produced Web Quests.
  9. Matrix of Examples of Web Quests -- Has examples of Web Quests done by all age groups.
  10. WebQuests -- Explanation & Examples
  11. Thirteen Ed Online Concept to Classroom: WebQuests
  12. WebQuests
  13. WebQuests and Problem-Based Learning
  14. Middle grades Reading and English Language Arts teachers will profit from Literary Web Quests.
  15. Web Quests - One school district's superb range of quests.
  16. Student Web Projects - An array of WebQuest, Problem-Based Learning and Web Project sites
  17. Technology in Education -- Extremely useful "larger picture" links
  18. 180 Ideas and Resources for Teachers: Integrating Technology into Planning and Curriculum -- This collection of activities takes some of the mystery out of technology.
  19. Using Technology to Enhance Engaged Learning for At-Risk Students
  20. A Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests - Shows why some Web Quests are superior.
  21. Essential Questions in Teaching and Learning -- Using higher mental and emotional levels to overcome the trivialization of learning by "high stakes" testing.
  22. Web Quest Projects - Awesome array!
  23. MicroSociety School -- Reality based, especially good for math learning, where SCORES rise!


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