Based on Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics, pp. 59-62 Grades 8-12 Learning Standards

  1. Probability Plaza -- Your one-stop center for lessons and activities in Probability - from introductory level to advanced! "This page is designed to teach students about probability in what we hope is a fun way. Within each of the first seven sections are various aspects of probability and combinatorics. The eighth and final section contains miscellaneous applets and interactive activities that tie together concepts from various lessons and conclude the learning experience."
  2. BBC Math Guru - Probability
  3. BBC Math Guru - Probability Distributions -- A super series of modules on probability, including: Random Events, Addition Laws, Conditional Probability, Independence, Two or More Events, Discrete Random Variables, Expected Value

  4. Sample Spaces
  5. Empirical Probability
  6. Abstract Probability
  7. Conditional Probability
  8. Hyperstat Online - Probability -- Great probability lessons, including: Simple probability, Conditional probability, Probability of A and B, Probability of A or B, Binomial distribution. The site also has several useful links to other probability sites.
  9. MathGoodies - Probability -- Over a dozen tutorials on probability, including Intro to Probability, Sample Spaces, Independent Events, Conditional Probability, and many more!
  10. Math Help - Math for Morons Like Us -- from the great ThinkQuest site: "On this page we hope to clear up problems you might have with probability and things related to it, such as factorials and sigma notation. Click any of the links below or scroll down to better your understanding of probability.
  11. Math Help - Probability Notebook -- Lessons and interactive practice with probability! The site includes a glossary of terms, and online quizzes.
  12. Intro to Probability -- From the "Ask Dr. Math" FAQ files, an introduction to the topic of probability.
  13. Introduction to Probability -- An overview and introduction to concepts in Probability.
  14. Probability Solutions -- Learn about permutations and combinations here! Use the online helper application to make computations, and see a "mini-lesson" on probability!
  15. Probability & Stats - Seeing is Believing -- A wonderfully organized site for students who want on-line math help! This site has lessons and examples for the following topics in probability & statistics : Probability Concepts, Random Variables, Discrete Probability Distributions, The Normal Distribution and Related Continuous Probability Distribution, Sampling Theory, Nonparametric Statistics.
  16. Probability Interactive -- A series of interactive problems highlighting the fun and challenging world of probability, permutations and combinations! Puzzles and problems include: Monty Hall Dilemma, Three pancakes problem, Lewis Carroll's problem, Birthday Coincidence, Bertrand's Paradox, Bear cubs problem, Pauling's joke, Probability and Infinity, Simpson's paradox.
  17. Probability in the Real World -- From the "Ask Dr. Math" FAQ files, a series of hypothetical scenarios from the "real world", and a discussion of probability in each scenario.

    Counting Principle: A series of sites with great information on the Fundamental Counting Principle!
  18. Permutation, Combination & Counting Slide Show
  19. Fundamental Counting Principle
  20. Fundamental Counting Principle 2
  21. Fundamental Counting Principle 3
  22. Basic Counting Techniques

    Permutations & Combinations:

    A series of sites with great information on Permutations and Combinations!
  23. Permutation, Combination & Counting Slide Show
  24. Permutations and Combinations ("Math for Morons")
  25. Permutations
  26. Permutations 2
  27. Permutations 3 ("Homework Help")
  28. Permutations 4
  29. Probability and Permutations -- From the "Ask Dr. Math" FAQ files, an introduction to permutations.
  30. Permutations -- From Canada's SchoolNet, a site full of examples and lessons on permutations!
  31. Lottery Permutations -- Entertaining FAQ from Dr. Math which seeks the truth about lottery odds!
  32. Permutations and Combinations -- From the "Ask Dr. Math" FAQ files, a discussion on the relationship between permutations and combinations

  33. Probability Spaces -- A great site with several lessons on probability, all of which are linked to interactive experiments. Topics include: Random Experiments, Sets and Events, Functions and Random Variables, Probability Measures, Conditional Probability, Independence, and Convergence. Experiments include: Coin Sample Experiment, Buffon's Coin Experiment, Dice Sample Experiment, Dice Experiment, Card Sample Experiment, Die-Coin Experiment, Coin-Die Experiment
  34. The Homer Probability Game -- A simple but fun probability game, where Homer Simpson may - or may not - fall off a cliff! Good animation and sounds, and a challenging probability puzzle.
  35. Let's Make a Deal Applet -- A cool probability game based on an age-old probability problem (known to the modern world as "The Monty Hall problem.") Enjoy!
  36. Probability Puzzles -- Dozens of cool puzzles (with answers provided) on probability!
  37. Area Probability - Darts -- If you have the Shockwave plug-in, you can use this cool probability demo: "Manipulate the size of the circle and a rectangle to explore the probability that a dart thrown into the rectangle will land in the circle."
  38. The Birthday Problem -- A classic problem in probability! "There's a birthday in your class today! Or will there be two? How likely is it that two people in your class have the same birthday?" Find out here!
  39. The Cereal Box Problem -- A classic probability problem! In order to solve this problem, you will need to determine theoretical probabilities to determine an expected value. Links to other fun problems
  40. Will an Asteroid Hit the Earth? -- Entertaining FAQ from Dr. Math which seeks to determine the likelihood of an asteroid hitting the earth.
  41. Probability of Two Male Children -- Entertaining FAQ from Dr. Math which seeks to determine the likelihood of the birth of two male children.
  42. Practice With the Counting Principle -- Five great online problems to help with counting principle concepts!