1. Block and Other Scheduling Links.
    At the end of the school reform list are links to scheduling sites on the Internet.

  2. Block Scheduling.
    The American Association of School Administrators provides these abstracts and full-text articles on the issue of block scheduling.

  3. Block Scheduling.
    The University of Minnesota developed this overview with resources, discussion, questions, and answers about block scheduling, and a list of schools using block scheduling.

  4. Block Scheduling House of Problems.
    This is an attempt to “give the public a one-stop shopping center to the problems of block scheduling which are being hidden or summarily dismissed as minor by school administrators.”

  5. Block Scheduling Sources and Connections.
    Here is one view on block scheduling in Brevard County, Florida.

  6. Blockscheduling Quicksheet.
    This is an excellent list of books, articles, and Internet resources.

  7. The Case Against Block Scheduling.
    Using research studies and agency reports, Jeff Lindsay, a parent in Wisconsin, presents his case against block scheduling.

  8. Integrating the Curriculum with Parallel Block Scheduling.
    This article comes from the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

  9. Let’s Ask Students...Virginia.
    The Appalachia Educational Laboratory reports on conversations with high school students in three urban school divisions about block scheduling and other reforms.


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