1. Integers -- A great set of Online Lessons: Positive and negative integers, The number line, Absolute value of an integer, Adding integers, Subtracting integers, Multiplying integers, Dividing integers, Integer coordinates, Comparing integers.
  2. Positive and Negative Numbers -- On-line lesson that covers the following concepts with positive and negative numbers: About positive and negative numbers, The number line, Absolute value of positive and negative numbers, Adding positive and negative numbers, Subtracting positive and negative numbers, Multiplying positive and negative numbers, Dividing positive and negative numbers, Coordinate, Comparing positive and negative numbers, Reciprocals of negative numbers. Whew!
  3. Dividing Whole Numbers with Remainders --A brief lesson on how to perform division operations involving remainders.
  4. Whole Numbers and their Properties -- On-line lesson that covers the basics of whole numbers, including place value, ordering, rounding and divisibility. Also covers the following properties of whole numbers: commutative, associative, zero property, multiplicative, and order of operations.


  1. Problem Solving Strategies -- A great page to learn how to approach problems. Gives lots of strategies and a step-by-step framework of approach!
  2. Working Backwards -- An answer to a student question regarding the problem-solving strategy of "working backwards" to find the answer!
  3. Elementary Math Problem of the Week -- Each week the good folks at Swarthmore post a challenging problem, and invite students to submit their solutions! Students must use critical thinking skills and select appropriate operations to solve these ... complete with over three years worth of problems in the Archives, so you will never run out of fun problems to solve!


  1. BBC - Math Games for Young Students -- The best site on the web for math games for preK-2! Counting, place value and basic operations games from the "Little Animals Activity Center"!!
  2. BBC - Maths File Games -- You'll need the Shockwave plug-in to play these great games from BBC education! Choose from a dozen different games!
  3. Math Quizzes -- Check out these interactive quizzes! Students are given multiple choice math questions on the topic of their choice (topics include Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Ratio, Percent, Units of Measurement, Metric System, Rational Numbers, Geometry, Algebra) and can select specialty problems within each topic! After submitting an answer, students receive automated feedback, and the site keeps a "scorecard" of the problems completed!
  4. Arithmetic Drills -- A handy applet for practicing math skills. This applet will continuously present new addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and you can select numbers, word problems, or Roman Numerals! The applet will time you and record how accurate your responses are.
  5. ArithmAttack! -- A great on-line interactive drill! See how many arithmetic problems you can solve accurately within 2 minutes! Select whether you want to add, subtract, multiply or divide!
  6. Math Flashcards -- Create your own set of flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division! Choose how easy or difficult you want the problems to be! Choose how many problems you want, and you can have your flashcard sessions timed! Division problems include fractions and decimals.
  7. Arithmetic Flashcards -- Choose the type of problem you want (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and the level of difficulty - then get a series of interactive flashcards with math problems!
  8. Money Flashcards -- Count the money on every page!


  1. Multiplication Maze -- Move around the maze and defeat the dragon ... by answering multiplication and division questions! Choose how long you have to navigate the maze, and how hard the questions are. Make sure your computer has the ShockWave® Plug-In before you play!
  2. Soccer Shootout -- Fun from! Light up the scoreboard by answering questions in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication! "Score and Save by correctly answering math problems. First you shoot, then try to save the shot by FunBrain."
  3. Disaster Math! -- Solve these word problems that are related to disasters - earthquakes, hurricanes and floods!
  4. MathCats Math Games -- Some math matching games from the MathCats! "You'll match cats who look the same or who have the same value. With a little thinking and planning, you can put all of the cats into one long line! This game is for grade 3 and up."
  5. Victoria Search
  6. Stanley Park Chase -- Created by students at Willowbrook Elementary School, you will learn all about various places in Canada as you answer math problems!
  7. Math Grid Challenge - Shockwave -- You begin with 16 numbers on a grid ... answer the math questions (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) by clicking on the right grid number. Sounds easy, but you have to beat the clock! Make sure your computer has the Shockwave® plug-in before playing.
  8. Power Football -- Fun from! Score a touchdown by answering questions in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication! Choose between using algebraic or non-algebraic equations. Choose between four levels of difficulty. Hike!
  9. Change Maker -- Fun from! Earn cash by making change at this interactive cash register! Choose between 4 levels of difficulty.
  10. Batter Up! Math Baseball -- A great interactive game that requires the "Flash" plug-in. Answer math questions - easy ones will get you a single, hard ones a Home Run! Beware the banner ads on this site!!
  11. Eleven Times -- From the site: "Eleven Times is a fun game that teaches how to quickly multiply two-digit numbers by eleven. First, you'll learn how the trick works by watching step-by-step examples. When you are confident in your new knowledge, test your skill and speed using the Eleven Times Challenge!"


    Each of the following links leads to a fun worksheet of problems based on kids stories! Kids will need to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and make equations from word problems.
  1. Solutions to all Problems -- Worksheets
  2. Three Little Pigs
  3. The Five Little Pumpkins
  4. Franklin and Thunderstorm
  5. Three Little Kittens
  6. Witch of Willoughby Wood
  7. Nursery Rhymes
  8. Pokemon -- More worksheets from ... these are for help with addition and subtraction.
  9. Solutions to all Problems -- Worksheets:
  10. #1,
  11. #2,
  12. #3,
  13. #4 -- More worksheets from ... these are for help with multiplication:
  14. Solutions to all Problems -- Worksheets:
  15. #1,
  16. #2,
  17. #3,
  18. #4,
  19. #5,
  20. #6,
  21. #7,
  22. #8
  23. MathStories -- More worksheets from ... these are for help with division
  24. Solutions to all Problems -- Worksheets:
  25. #1,
  26. #2,
  27. #3,
  28. #4,
  29. #5,
  30. #6,
  31. #7,
  32. #8,
  33. #9,
  34. #10,
  35. #11
  36. Multiplication Worksheet -- Handy site that allows you to create your own worksheets for solving multiplication problems!
  37. Math Tables -- Create your own drill sheet for addition, subtraction or multiplication online! This page will give you up to 100 problems of the type you choose, and record your accuracy and the time it took you to complete the drill.


    1. Pocket Calculator Applet -- A handy pocket calculator you can use any time you get stuck!
    2. Simple Calculator -- A simple web-based calculator.


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