1. Transportation Systems Design -- A nice illustrated outline of the design of a transportation system, with a detailed description of each step. Includes a self-test!
  2. Automotive 101 -- Want to know how an auto works? This is the place! Each of the following systems is reviewed: Brakes, Cooling, Electrical, A/C & Heating, Engine, Exhaust, Fuel & Intake, Suspension & Steering, Drive Train. Lots of great illustrations and explanations!
  3. How Stuff Works Automotive -- Dozens of tutorials on how different automotive and auto-related systems work! Check out multimedia demos on engines, turbochargers, transmissions, clutches, differentials, and many more! Over 50 tutorials!
  4. Showroom of Automotive History -- From the site: "The Showroom of Automotive History features significant automobiles of the American experience. Each vehicle has made a substantial contribution to the auto industry in design, production, or engineering."
  5. Technology - Cars -- From the site: "Cars are the main means of transport for billions of people around the world, and they dominate our cities in a way that no other machine does. There are now enough cars in the world to make a traffic jam stretching right round the world ten times." Learn much more about cars and their impact on the modern world at this site!

    Rail Transportation
  6. Railway History Timeline -- A nice narrative timeline of important developments in railway history!
  7. Technology - Railways -- From the site: "The coming of railways 150 years ago changed the world forever, enabling goods and passengers to be carried long distances in vast quantities, and allowing cities to grow as never before. Now many people believe they may be the best form of transport for the future, because of the harm cars do to the environment." Learn much more about cars and their impact on the world at this site!
  8. Grand Central
    Air Transportation
  9. Centennial of Flight -- The US Centennial of Flight Commission has developed this site which includes the following modules: Wright Brothers History, History of Aviation, 100 Years of Innovation, Future of Flight.
  10. Flight! -- From the British Museum of Science, a great online exhibit that illustrates the history of aviation innovation
  11. Air Travelers -- This site has several pages of information and illustrations on the science of flying blimps and balloons. "Air Travelers is an introduction to the basic principles of buoyancy, properties of gases, temperature, and the technology involved in hot air ballooning."
  12. How Stuff Works Aviation -- Dozens of tutorials on how different air transportation systems work! Check out multimedia demos on airplanes, Concordes, gliders, even space shuttles and many more! Over 20 tutorials!
  13. Technology - Aircraft -- From the site: "Aircraft are the fastest of all means of transport, able to reduce journeys that would take days by road or sea to just a few hours. 50 million or more people travel each year from the world's busiest airports, such as Chicago's O'Hare and London's Heathrow." Learn much more about air travel and society at this site!
  14. Flights of Inspiration -- From the Franklin Institute, a fascinating look at the invention and development of the Airplane

    Water Transport
  15. Technology - Ships -- From the site: "People have travelled on rivers and oceans in ships for over 40,000 years, and ships have played a crucial role in history. Ships still carry most of the world's trade, and, all the over the world, they ferry thousands of people across water every day." Learn more about the historical and present role of sea travel in society at this site!