"For many young people, early adolescence offers opportunities to choose a path towards a productive and fulfilling life. For many others it offers the last best chance to avoid a diminished future."
(Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development, 1989.)

  1. Adolescent Development Resources -- Tremendous range of topics defining the scope of this field
  2. NORMAL ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT: Middle School and Early High School Years -- Good brief checklist
  3. NORMAL ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT: Late High School Years and Beyond
  4. The Basics: Adolescent Development -- Thoughtful discussion and bibliograpy
  5. Connect for Kids - The Teen Years -- Great range of sites on normal concerns of parents, teachers and youth
  6. Boys and Girls: What's the Difference?
  7. Growing Through the Arts -- Early exposure to the creative arts can help children develop socially and emotionally, and improve reading ability and school performance.
  8. Reaching Younger Workers Who Think Differently -- Fascinating look at workplace need to adapt to the digital generation. For "managers" read "educators" and imagine the implications!
  9. Resources on Adolescent Development -- Fine, broad site
  10. About Teens Now -- Fantastic array of virtually all the concerns of teens and their families!
  11. Adolescent Psychology Resources -- Great range of links on the risk factors
  12. Parent and Family Engagement as a Reform Strategy -- Teens need family support at the same time as they are moving toward greater independence.
  13. Educating for Resiliency -- Learning to bounce back from adversity


Marshall McLuhan said, "We shape our tools; thereafter, our tools shape us." Have video and computer games, e-mail and cell phones, MTV and the Internet re-shaped adolescence? Two articles suggesting such shaping has taken place are
DIGITAL LEARNING: Why Tommorow's Schools Must Learn To Let Go of the Past and

TWITCH SPEED: Reaching Younger Workers Who think Differently.


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