1. Improv Games for Rehearsal and Performance
  2. Whose Improv Is It Anyway? -- A handmade database of improv games & hints on how to perform live improv.
  3. Creative Drama Guidelines
  4. Children's Theatre Resources -- All subjects!
  5. Acting Up across the Curriculum: Using Creative Dramatics To Explore Adolescent Literature
  6. Reader's Theater @ Web English Teacher
  7. The Drama Teacher's Lesson Plans
  8. Responding to Literature Using Drama
  9. Creative Drama
  10. How a Bill Becomes a Law-Creative Dramatics
  11. The Creative Dramatics Cookbook: Recipes for Playmaking
  12. What-If Builder Version 1.2 -- Free Software to teach thinking in alternative scenarios!
  13. Applied and Interactive Theatre -- Psychodrama, Sociodrama, etc.
  14. Drama Resources: Grades 8-10 -- This and the next site are from British Columbia
  15. Drama, Film and Television: Grades 11 and 12 Curriculum
  16. Simulations and Learning
  17. Literature Circles
  18. Improv Theme Page
  19. The Improvisation Top 50
  20. The Improvisation Webring
  21. Improv Encyclopedia Home Page
  22. Justin's Drama & Theatre Links
  23. Try improvising on purpose
  24. Theatre Improvisations
  25. The Drama Teacher's Exercises
  26. Improvisation Exercises
  27. Web-based Resources for English Language Teaching & Learning: Drama
  28. Learn Improv
  29. Guide to the Games Played on Whose Line is it Anyway?
  30. Encouraging English Expression through Script-based Improvisations
  31. Theatre Games


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