Simulations are role played or computer assisted projects prepared to allow for maximum student participation and inductive, inquiry learning. They are a means for achieving depth and variety in learning. Explore these online resources, some of which are bound to match your subject and students!


  1. Free Simulation Game Downloads
  2. Science Simulations
  3. Simulations in Education
  4. Examples of Educational Simulations
  5. Interactive Educational Simulations
  6. Modeling And Simulation Tools for Education Reform -- Great site with variety of simulations!
  7. Simulations for Schools and Charities
  8. Educational Simulations
  9. Games2Train: Serious Training in a Game Environment
  10. Workshops by Thiagi: Freebies and Goodies
  12. Game Hot Links
  13. Master Tools
  14. K-12 Resources
  15. Fish Bank Simulation
  16. SIM Rock Cafe!
  17. Educational Simulations
  18. GOOGLE Search on Educational Simulations
  19. Computer Animation
  20. Dynamic System Modeling Using Computer Simulation


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