Well annotated, general directories for teachers

  1. Blue Web'n Lists of links, very well annotated. Organized by subject areas and these categories: web based tutorials, web based activities, web based projects, unit and lesson plans, hotlists, other resources, references and tools.
  2. Curriculum Linked Resources -- Great web-linked resources
  3. Apple Learning Interchange Search for links, activities, more. Wide ranging, well annotated.
  4. The Online Educator Link Catalogue "catalogue of educational resources on the Net" organized in a long list of categories; searchable
  5. 700+ Great Sites Children Compiled by the Children and Technology Committee of the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association. Very well annotated
  6. The Schoolhouse Map of the Teacher/Pathfinder at "an Internet village."
  7. Gateway to Educational Materials from Syracuse University. Activities classified by grade level from pre-K to adult and very well organized. Browse by keyword or subject. Searchable. Includes a mixture of lesson plans and links to instructional resources for students.
  8. Library in the Sky The list of specific student resources might be a place to begin with this resource.
  9. Education Resources list by subjects. Links are also available list by educational level. The main page lists some other services.
  10. Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
  11. Skewl Sites "The best of educational web sites." Listed by subject area but links are listed by name only and the descriptions are a level below.
  12. TEAMS Distance Learning...for K-12 Educators
  13. StudyWEB looks like search engine but responses are well annotated; oriented toward a general audience, less toward an audience of K-12 people
  14. K-12 links from The Internet Resource Exchange
  15. The Halls of Academia Useful across grade levels; links to web resources by subject areas.
  16. The Internet Scout You may approach this directory in several ways; you may search, you may browse by subject headings, or you view the collection according to Library of Congress subject classifications.
  17. Premier Tracks Collections of links formed into "tracks" for use by students. If you find a set of links you're interested in, you've found a goldmine.
  18. Teachers@Work Over 1000 sites cataloged, described, and rated. From New Zealand.
  19. Link Library from Houghton Mifflin. Some links at top are specific to the publisher's textbooks. Many links have general relavence.
  20. Encarta Schoolhouse - Selected Education Sites