Transformative learning is basically the kind of learning we do as we make meaning of our lives. It's become a very popular topic in adult education because it doesn't just involve classroom learning--it involves learning about our lives. This is important because as adults, the meaning making process can change everything about how we look at work, family, and the world.

Are "children" capable of Transformative Learning? Of course! Character education, developing creative/critical thinking, teaching learning strategies--all are types of transformative learning currenly pursued in our schools. Never has transformative learning been more needed!

  1. Essential Guide to Optimal Learning
  2. Creating Learning Communities
  3. Transformative Learning: Theory To Practice
  4. Adult Learning
  5. Transformative Learning
  6. A Review of Theoretical and Empirical Literature on Transformative Learning
  7. Jack Mezirow
  8. Constructivism and Tranformative Learning Theories
  9. Adult Education for Social Change: From Center Stage to the Wings and Back Again
  10. Adult Learning: Theory & technology


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