Many teachers working in Charter Schools know little about the movement, having simply taken a job where they could find one. The research now reveals that the first generation of charter schools have outperformed regular public schools (see sites #2 and #3). Charter schools are public schools that have organized around a charter allowing for greater freedom in exchange for greater accountability. Clearer focus of their mission and smallness of size may be the major bases for success. Both traits are replicable within public schools.

  1. Overview of Charter Schools
  2. What the Research Reveals About Charter Schools
  3. Small Schools By Choice
  4. The State of Charter Schools 2000
  5. The Massachusetts Charter School Initiative
  6. Charter School Resource Center
  7. The Massachusetts Charter School Handbook
  8. MassCharter Profiles
  9. Oregon Charter Policy Handbook
  10. U.S. Charter Schools
  12. Progressive and Alternative Schools
  14. Links to Alternative Schools for Greater Freedom
  15. Robert Muller Schools
  16. The Hoboken Charter School
  17. Homeschooling
  18. Unschooling
  19. Mining Company Links on Charter Schools
  20. A Study of Charter Schools
  21. Charter School Research
  22. The Ten Fundamentals Behind Edison School Design
  23. Francis W. Parker Essential School Includes Assessment Rubrics in each subject area
  24. Coalition of Essential Schools Fieldbook Shared strategies, resources, & tools for improving schools
  25. Policy.Com on Charter Schools
  26. Focus Schools: A Genre top Consider
  27. Choice 2000 Charter School An entirely on-line Grades 7-12 Charter School!
  28. Charter Schools: ERIC Digest #118
  29. Recent Charter School Research
  30. CanadaReform
  31. Charter Schools: An Approach for Rural Education?
  32. NEA: Charter Schools
  33. About Charter Schools
  34. Charter Schools Development Center
  35. Charter Schools Fail Promises
  36. More and More States Embrace Charter Schools
  37. Charter Schools Run By For–Profit Companies
  38. Pro/Con on Charter Schools
  39. Charter Schools--A Balanced View
  40. About Charter Schools, from the Center for Educational Reform
  41. Charter Schools and Special Education: A Report on State Policies
  42. Front Lines: Charter Schools
  43. Charters in Our Midst: The Impact of Charter Schools on School Districts
  44. Colorado Charter School Programs and Resources
  45. What does it mean to ask: "Is 'Charter Schools' Working?"
  46. Charter Schools: the Northwest Experience
  47. Charter Schools: A State Legislative Update
  48. Issues Concerning Charter Schools


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