In the current school/political climate, who speaks for Democracy? The corporations, state and federal government--all have loud and clear voices. Teachers sensing the risks to democracy can be lifted by resources at these sites.

Democracy In Classrooms

  1. Empowering Students: Essential Schools' Missing Link
  2. Civics Education: An Annotated Bibliography
  3. Democratic Learning: References and Further Reading
  4. Holistic Education: Principles, Perspectives and Practices
  5. Knowing and Empowerment
  6. The American Promise [PBS series]

Democracy In Schools

  1. Creating Learning Communities
  2. Democratic Learning and Schooling Rationale
  3. Key Issures
  4. Transforming Learning Communities
  5. Revolutionizing America's Schools: Democracy, Powerful Learning and the Professional Imperative
  6. League Of Professional Schools
  7. New Technology and Critical Pedagogy
  8. Participation in the Information Age
  9. Book review of: Freire, Paulo (1993). Pedagogy of the City.
  10. Are Schools Intentionally Dumbed Down?
  11. Society Scripts for Educational Reform
  12. The "End of Work" As We Know It
  13. Education by Design


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