"Resiliency" is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and difficult circumstances in life. Recent research raises hopes that we can foster resilient attitudes in our youth, particularly those "at risk." Information about what can make a young person more resilient, about what distinguishes resilient individuals and families from non-resilient ones, is highly useful information: information that makes a difference. Students need this kind of information. These sites will lead you into further exploration of this powerful and empowering concept.

  1. The Resilience Institute
  2. Embracing Resilience - Resources
  3. Toward Resiliency: At-Risk Students Who Make It to College
  4. Resiliency Attitudes Scale
  5. The Art of Resilience -- From Psychology Today
  6. Resiliency
  7. Resilience Research
  8. Assets: Resiliency
  9. Assets: Related Web Sites
  10. Resiliency in Action
  11. Resiliency
  12. Awakenings: Tools for Psychological and Spiritual Growth
  13. Healing Emotional Pain
  14. Resiliency Research Review
  15. America's Promise: The Alliance for Youth
  16. Community Resiliency
  17. Looping and Multi-Year Teaching


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