1. Ted's Page on Cooperative Learning and Writing Across the Curriculum -- Resource-full, diverse, excellent!
  2. Writing Tips for Classroom, Homework, and Assessment Activities -- Chicago guuide; excellent and brief
  3. Writing to Learn with Learning Logs -- Superb idea for any subject
  4. Journal Writing Every Day: Teachers Say It Really Works!
  5. Designing Brief "Writing to Learn" Assignments
  6. 40 Tasks and Activities
  7. Writing To Learn, Learning To Write
  8. Writing to Learn Across the Curriculum
  9. Writing To Learn Teaching Tips
  10. Reading to Learn
  11. The Importance of Integrating Writing in All Subjects
  12. Literacy across the High School Curriculum
  13. Making the Right Connections in High School: Developing Teaching Teams to Integrate the Curriculum
  14. The National Writing Project
  15. The National Writing Project Press Room
  16. Writing To Learn, Learning To Write: Revisiting Writing Across the Curriculum in Northwest Secondary Schools
  17. Preparing Writing Assignments And Selecting Writing Topics
  18. Writing and Grading Rubrics
  19. Top 9 Tips to Cut Writing Assignment Grading Time
  20. Effective Writing Instruction


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