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*PDPs are Professional Development Points (known as CEUs in some states)
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All Workshops contain both "Content" and "Education." Workshop #4 is an official "Content" Workshop in P.D.P. terms, that may be taken twice.

  1. Depth vs. Coverage {May be taken multiple times, for different topics.} Do we need to address the standards and frameworks thoroughly? Must we sacrifice favorite units--favorites with students and with us--in order to cover topics likely to be on the test? It may take courage to do what is right; at least in dealing with this issue the evidence is surprisingly counterintuitive, and in favor of what most teachers would prefer to do. Essay & Project- 35 PDP's

  2. Using Rubrics for Grading & Self-Evaluation "Rubrics" allow teachers to be more objective in scoring/grading complex student performances. Moreover, they help students understand more clearly just what is expected of them in an assignment or activity. Students and teachers can compose rubrics together, and revise them. STUDENTS GAIN GUIDANCE IN DEVELOPING SKILLS OF SELF EVALUATION. A Journal and Project are produced.- 35 PDP's

  3. Creating Schools That Learn This workshop helps you imagine and envision schools being transformed into Learning Organizations, a movement reflecting business management ventures and the Systems Thinking/Dynamic Modeling work in the past thirty years. Journal and Portfolio - 25 PDP's

  4. Internet Resources for Your Subject and Grade Level I and II Workshop for all levels, all subjects, discovering Web sites and resources to meet curriculum frameworks and teacher interest. Journal & e-mail - 25 PDP's [May be taken twice]

  5. The Politics of Education: Overcoming the Corporate Matrix This workshop reveals historical, social, and psychological findings that neither teachers nor teacher educators have been heretofore informed about. Possible solutions are explored. Structured Journal - 35 PDP's

  6. What We Can Learn from Charter Schools The research now reveals that the first generation of charter schools have outperformed regular public schools. Perhaps it is time to learn from them, which this on-line WORKSHOP enables you to do. Structured Journal - 25 PDP's

  7. What We Can Learn from Homeschooling Home Schoolers excel in Test Scores (av. 30 pts. higher) and socialization, too. This is one of the least discussed findings in the current schooling scene. One can imagine future schools that include both homeschoolers and a portion of the curriculum in which all students are homeschooled. Structured Project - 25 PDP's

  8. What We Can Learn from Unschooling It may be a very hard task for a teachers to envision the merits of students learning from life, without any kind of formal education--at least for an extended period of time. If we want students to be lifelong learners, it is time we learn. Journal & Project - 25 PDP's

  9. How To Create Web Pages Learn to develop web pages for family, students, colleagues, parents, or clients. You may also choose to build a multiple page web site, including links to subsequent pages on your "home" page. Construction of your Web page is the course project. - 35 PDP's


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