Mission Statement

The Teacher Development Network is committed to providing teachers twenty-four hour on-line access to standards-based graduate courses and professional development. In this on-line environment teachers become better acquainted with "best practices" in their subject and level and with the most productive features of the "standards and accountability" movement. Our courses and workshops provide teachers a tradition of "craft-sharing" as they interact with teachers from other districts, schools, and even countries.

We envision the Teacher Development Network providing co-creative leadership in bringing about more effective teachers and learners in the 21st Century.

Testimonial Statements

"I wanted to thank you for all that you did during this course. I really feel I gained the most from your class and the research conducted because it was so focused on my own classroom. I talked to a couple other students who expressed the same feelings - that had this course been done any other way, it would not have been as useful and as meaningful as it was. It truly was the most beneficial, most educational course I have ever taken (and yes that includes my undergrad classes!) So for that, I thank you."
Charissa O., Middle School Science, Shrewsbury, MA

" Also, thanks to this course I was able to use a lot of these outstanding historical links to create an official History Department Web Site for this upcoming year at W. R. High School. I consider this web site an extension of this portfolio, as they went hand-in-hand as I sifted through your links. I'd like to thank you for providing such a course that enables me to build such a resource bank for the upcoming year. You have no idea how your on-line courses have changed my style of teaching and how this new department site will benefit us all next year."
Ken M., Social Studies, Wachusett (MA) Regional High School

"Being challenged to do so much thinking has awakened a new part of my brain. I am excited to continue my education and I am more empowered to strive to be the best teacher I can be."
Lisa B., First Year Elementary, Oxford, MA

"I have found this class to be extremely helpful to me and to my teaching skills. I have spent over three years working as a teacher and this has been the most insightful experience that I have received so far. Having studied Psychology and not teaching in as an undergraduate focus I have always lacked the basic skills that I needed to assist my students in learning. For the first time I feel as though I have some resources at my disposal. I am actually looking forward to getting back to work after this summer!"
Mark Griffith, Teacher of Behaviorally Disordered Teens

"Dear Professor Osborne.
I want you to know it has been a pleasure reading all your sites, and learning as I went along. When I first commenced your course, I had no idea what I was getting into, and as I was unable to connect with the people in my class, I was a bit nervous in the beginning. I really thought that it would be a challenge for me to discipline myself to sit at the computer and read the various sites, but much to my amazement, I think I have learned so much more that if I was in a regular classroom. Should the opportunity ever present itself again, I would be honored to be in one of your classes. I will submit my journal entries to you by tomorrow. Have a wonderful day and enjoy what is left of the Summer.
Erminie Mathavious, Spanish Teacher

"I think I learned more from taking these courses online than I would have in a classroom."
Rich Weiland, Science Teacher

"What a delight to come home tired to such wonderful news. It is so rewarding to receive a grade of A in a course that first intimidated me, yet challenged me and taught me more than all the other courses that I took. Again I thank you. "
E. Cobb

"This was the first time I was forced to sit down and really research sites and resources on the internet and this new information will be invaluable for me when we go back to school next week.
Thank you for all of the helpful information you provided on your web site. My students and I will be using it in the weeks ahead. I can't tell you how helpful some of these sites have been. I'm teaching World History II for the first time and the sites that link biographies have been a lifesaver. Thanks again!! "
Colleen Kelly North High History Teacher

"I enjoyed the Computers in Education class I took over the summer so I am sure the other courses would be beneficial also.
I have to say, and I am not trying to be a brown nose...out of all the classes I took at Worcester State, your education classes were the best. I remember your History and Philosophy of Ed. class the most. You made learning fun. I think it is great that you are still teaching through these online classes, even though you have retired. They need more educators like you in this world. Thank you for everything, Sincerely,"
Lisa Whipps/Yuoconis, History Teacher

"Coming fresh out of a college in the Teacher Education Program, I wholeheartedly agree with this article. I was not prepared to be a great math teacher. There needs to be a movement to change the educational system in the preparation of future teachers in this country! Thank goodness for this course."
Julie McCue, High School Math Teacher, Colorado


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