1. The Craft of Poetry
  2. Reading Poetry
  3. Revisiting Theme, Ambiguity, Irony, Symbol, and Paradox in Selected Poetry
  4. Poetry Resources
  5. The Poet Tree
  6. The Mediadrome: Poetry -- Rich and amazing site
  7. Reading and Studying Poetry
  8. AP Poetry and Literature Page
  9. Poetry, Analysis, Articles, Etc.
  10. Twentieth-century Poetry in English
  11. Poetry X
  12. Reading About the World
  13. The Poetry Room - Unconventional prose poet Louis Jenkins, an intriguing source for study
  14. Poetry 180 -- A poem a day from Billy Collins, our 2003 Poet Laureate of the United States
  15. American Poems
  16. Poetry from Classic Reader.com
  17. Modern American Poets -- 161 companion sites for poets in the Anthology of Modern American Poetry
  18. Poet On-Line -- poems on different topics, poetry tips, a poetry contest and more
  19. Poetry for the 21st Century
  20. A Poetry-Lover's Guide To the World-Wide Web, Post-1950
  21. A Poetry-Lover's Guide To the World-Wide Web, Pre-1950
  22. Shakespeare's Sonnets
  23. Live Poets Society Study Guide
  24. Classic Love Poems on the Web
  25. Poems and Sonnets
  26. Links to Other Poetry Collections and Poetry Guides
  27. Cataract -- An Eclectic and Idiosyncratic Collection of and Introduction to Poetry
  28. Music Links -- Song lyrics are another form of poetry. These are from Britain, Ireland and U.S. folk traditions.
  29. BOB DYLAN's Original Lyrics
  30. Lance and Eskimo -- A Providence student in one of the Coalition of Essential Schools built this site as a project/exhibition. Now she continues to maintain it for her and friends' writing, cartoons, parodies and satire.



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