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Rhetoric is the study of effective thinking, writing, and speaking strategies; rhetoricians analyze and evaluate what works and what does not work in a specific context. Composition and rhetoric study writing contexts, how texts are created, how texts interact, and what features make up an effective written text.. To be effective, a text must be developed and organized with a clear context and purpose in mind. Writers must first recognize the rhetorical context, the writing situation, and the purpose their text will serve in this particular context. Writers then need to articulate this purpose and choose specific rhetorical strategies which will achieve it. Depending on the writing context and the writer's thinking style, allegedly (many writers would disagree) many writers draft first, then analyze their strategies. Other writing situations demand that writers plan first, then execute their strategies. All writers check and recheck their thinking strategies as they revise their work. ~MSU Writing Center, Helen Hadley Porter

  1. The Forest of Rhetoric -- An all-in-one site!
  2. Rhetoric
  3. Rhetorical Terms
  4. Rhetorical Resources
  5. Writing a Rhetorical Analysis
  6. Rhetorical Strategies
  7. General Rhetorical Strategies (varying appeals)
  8. Rhetorical Strategies/Devices -- Elements creators of text use to put forth their arguments
  9. Rhetorical Strategies of Idea Development and Organization
  10. Persuasion Analysis -- Great site showing some simple ways to analyze complex persuasion techniques of modern advertising and political rhetoric.
  11. A Short Handbook on Rhetorical Analysis
  12. Figures of Speech: It Figures A fun and informative site!
  13. Persuasive words, Logical fallacies and Intent signals Persuasive words
  14. A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
  15. Meter in English Poetry -- a helpful brief review of poetic meter
  16. AP Language Websites -- Rhetoric and a variety of other useful sites

    More on Writing

  17. The Write Source (Writers INC) Home Page
  18. Student Writing Models
  19. Publish It!
  20. The I-Search Process
  21. The Writing Process Chart
  22. Developing A Thesis
  23. Internet Writing Workshop -- You can now submit works in progress on-line for feedback!
  24. Online Journal Writing Workshop
  25. Free-Writing -- Also note the techniques called "Looping" and "Cubing"
  26. S.C.O.R.E. Activity Bank -- Note Journal options here!
  27. Pre-writing: Keeping a Journal
  28. Writer's Resource Center -- fabulously fertile site aimed at the real writer in you
  29. The Favorite Poem Project
  30. Helpful handouts for students and teachers
  31. The Five-Paragraph Essay -- "Because the five-paragraph essay is a chosen vehicle for measuring a student's writing proficiency, it is essential that each master this patterned format writing to score well."
  32. Guide To Writing A Basic Essay
  33. Revising Writing -- A PowerPoint presentation; you can advance slides by pressing the keyboard's spacebar
  34. Composition Resources from Colleges
  35. Writing a Research Paper -- "Despite the illusion, the research-paper writing process (as with any writing process) is quasi-linear at best."
  36. Write Your Novel Now -- "A Professional Writer is an Amateur Who Didn't Quit"
  37. Writing Fiction: A Beginner's Guide -- from Creative Writing for Teens
  38. Writing Mysteries and Suspense
  39. Mystery Writing
  40. Proper Screenwriting Format -- Great sites for Performing Arts Magnet students to learn this aspect of writing and making both an impact and big bucks!
  41. Creative Writing: A Google Directory
  42. Creative Writing Resources -- from the Awesome Library
  43. Character Development Center -- Creating and understanding character is key to writing and reading fiction. This is a great resouce site.


  44. American Literature Survey
  45. Outline of American Literature
  46. American Literature Resources
  47. Transcendentalism
  48. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  49. Henry David Thoreau
  50. Others in the Transcendentalist Circle
  51. Selected Works of Edgar Allen Poe
  52. Nathaniel Hawthorne
  53. The Life and Works of Herman Melville
  54. The Walt Whitman Archive
  55. The Dickinson Electronic Archive
  56. Literature in Latin America -- by country; this site is in Spanish.
  57. Undoing Racism -- "Racism has been done to everyone in the United States; therefore it can be 'undone'."
  58. Short Stories
  59. Mark Twain Resources, including searchable online text of *1*The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  60. Favorite Mark Twain Links
  61. *2*A Farewell To Arms
  62. *3*The Grapes of Wrath
  63. *4*The Catcher In the Rye
  64. *5*Billy Budd
  65. *6*The Great Gatsby -- a site by classes in Springfield Massachusetts
  66. *7*Invisible Man
  67. *8*On Civil Disobedience
  68. *9*To Kill A Mockingbird
  69. Other American Novels and Guides -- Good choices to work on meeting Course Grading Rubric requirements
  70. 20 Great American Short Stories
  71. American Literary Classics
  72. Center for Electronic Projects in American Culture Studies (CEPACS)

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