Academic Cheating

AP students perceive themselves as under great pressure, particularly from parents, to take as many AP and Honors courses as possible, to take student leadership positions, join numerous clubs and organizations--all to create a resume and class rank that will get them into top colleges and careers. In this context, cheating--while still seen as wrong--has become socially acceptable and, as the sites below suggest, extremely widespread.

The "do your own thing" and non-judgmental "different strokes for different folks" influences of the 'sixties have left teachers unable or unwilling to provide consistent oversight and consequences. Recent years have seen cheating and lying in high places of industry and government. Students assume noone cares.

Who loses? Education takes a back seat to grade grubbing, the teacher-student relationship is compromised if not corrupted, and we lose sight of the ideals that breathe life into learning.

The first and last links describe the scope of the problem, and give prevention and detection strategies. As AP teachers and students we must answer the call to give spirit and flesh to Honor Codes, to take up the challenge to make ethics and integrity part of all our lives.

  1. Academic Cheating Fact Sheet

  2. Who Loses with Cheating?

  3. Why Do Students Cheat?

  4. Cheating to Get a Better Grade

  5. Attitudes Toward Cheating

  6. The Power of Having Good Character

  7. Cheating, Lying, and Everyday Morality

  8. Character Counts Site Map -- An amazing array of resources from the Josephson Intitute

  9. Making Ethical Decisions

  10. The Ethics of American Youth -- Kids Today Are More Likely To Cheat, Steal and Lie Than Kids 10 Years Ago

  11. An examination of student cheating in the two-year college

  12. Study Guides and Strategies -- Study skills give students the independence and self-reliance that take away some motivations to cheat

  13. Academic Dishonesty Prevention and Detection Strategies

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