Teaching the HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS can be CHALLENGING FUN! Here are some sites that may prove helpful.

Helpful Health Ed Links

A Look Inside the Human Body
Highlights the major body systems
Science Fact File: Inside the Human Body
Includes Circulatory, Digestive, Excretory, Muscular, Nervous, Respiratory, Skeletal Systems
The Heart
Anatomy & Physiology of the heart
The Circle of Blood
Traces the circulation of blood
The Muscular System
Muscles of the human body
Explore the Brain & Spinal Cord
Explores the Nervous System
Human Body Skit
Students are inside a sick person who needs their help (Fantastic Voyage)
Respiratory System
Make a model of the human respiratory system
Lesson Plan
The Magic School Bus explores the Human Body
Lesson Plans - Discovery Channel School
A library of lesson plans
Health & Physical Education sites
Human body systems & other health issues
Do the Circulation
Learning blood circulation with a song

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